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The Brewing Process

We proudly serve Hofbräu beer on our 24 draft lines – currently this is what we have on those lines:

Hofbräu Premium Lager aka The Original (5.2 % Alc. by Volume)
The beer that made Hofbräu famous.
A simple, full flavor lager with a crisp finish. The beer Hofbräuhaus has been famous for since 1589.

Hofbräu Hefe Weizen (5.4 % Alc. by Volume)
Speciality, born in Munich – loved by the world.
Rich, fairly sweet Old-Style wheat beer with a wonderful combination of banana and clove flavors.

Hofbräu Dunkel ( 5.5 % Alc. By Volume)
For centuries Munich’s favorite beer.
Our dark lager. It has a light body, is easy to drink, with simple roasted malt flavor and slight caramel undertones.

Hofbräu Dunkel Weizen ( 5.1 % Alc. By Volume)
This dark variant on Hofbräu Weissbier is refreshment in a deliciously mild form – yeasty and malty

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier (6.3% Alc. By Volume)
In honor of Oktoberfest, Hofbräu brews a rich, full-bodied beer which goes down ideally with traditional Bavarian cuisine. It is an absolutely natural product; brewed from pure water, the best quality malt and exquisite hops. Offering 6.3% alcohol by volume and a clean, crisp edge, it is a vital part of the Oktoberfest experience. As unique as the Oktoberfest itself!


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